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Andrei Nastase

Andrei Nastase

Kansas | 700361

United States


Guitar, Piano/Keyboard

About me - My name is Andrei Nastase, and i am at Art School from Romania and i am studying piano and guitar. I love playing the piano since i had 9 years old. I play most of my songs by ear, just following the bass closely.I love to improvise a lot on the piece because that make it more original I also love to meet new friends. If you have any request, just send me a mail on YouTube. I will play it for you whenever I can.



Joseph Fradelakis

New York NY United States

Co-Founder of Bandjamit.

If you like this site, please tell your friends with a simple Facebook status update! In...

Matt .

New Jersey NJ United States

I LOVE MUSIC!!! I've been playing piano since I was born (no kidding), and learned guitar about four years ago. I taught myself...

Lisa Vetrone

New York NY United States

I'm seventeen from NY, and I'm a senior in high school. I play piano, I sing and I write songs, and I've been doing that for...

Chandan Mundhra

Rajasthan India

A Music Lover and Serial Entrepreneur.

Gaurav Bagaria

Texas TX United States

Hey thanks for visiting my YouTube channel! I'm Gaurav, and I've been playing piano for 8 years now. I learn classical, and...

Feezweezy Kid595

Amk Singapore

Hey there, i'm Feez, 16 years old and i love playing piano/keyboard. I'm still learning to play elect guitar. Woo! :)