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Trevor Hoen

Oregon | 97498

United States


Piano/Keyboard, Vocals

About me - When you think of artists such as Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, and all those other quirky artists with such originality and uniqueness, that would be the vain you would find Trevor Hoen in. There are many reasons for Trevor's pure originality; from being born gay, to helping raise his 4 younger siblings, his love and undying affinity for art, and most importantly, Trevor's childlike heart that exudes such effervescence and freedom. His friends often refer to him as Peter Pan, because of his pure, adventurous heart. Trevor's influences range everywhere from Mariah Carey to Queen, to Dolly Parton. But being the beautiful individual he is, he says he couldn't limit his influences strictly to music artists. Trevor is influenced and inspired by endless things, from the elements, to love, past experiences, etc. Trevor's goal as an artist, as well as in life, is to take his talents - his artistry, and create a world of magic that appeals to his childlike heart, and inspires others to create their own. He wants to incorporate everything from dancing, theatricality, designing, vocal styling, songwriting, acting, etc. and create one cohesive piece of art.


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