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Zack Zeibber

| T5P 2X9



About me - Passionate about music and singing. Started playing my first Diatonic Accordion at age 2 1/2. Many Television appearances were made in my youth right up until I was 18. My first professional gig was when I was 10 years of age. I played private parties in our local community. Later at age 16 I became employed professionally with Wandalyn Inns. N.B. There I started as a 6 month contract playing Friday - Sunday. As that was so successful in bringing droves of business to the Inn at that time my contract was extended for another 2 years. Later after that contract had finished I had played several private parties and Admeral Beaty Hotel was the hot spot where I was once again professional entertainer for many years. I played in Top of the Town Keddey's Motor Inns. I have always loved to take people down memory lane and make them happy, romantic, and just warm all over with my performances. Getting paid for something I loved doing was my definition of success. In this channel I have decided to give you a few videos in which to put your feet up and relax as you listen to my renditions on the keyboard. I also sing a little. I am generally shy. Thanks for reading. Yours.


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