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U2 New York Bass Cover daniB5000

Dani Balogh

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Hey hey, what's up everyone?!?! Brand new U2 cover!! I've always loved this track for it's groovy bassline carefully crafted by Adam. It's very simple, but it's SO groovy it gives the song such a serious feel and tone. As always, I tried to stay true to Adam's original bassline as possible but I couldn't help myself and add a couple of harmonics near the third verse, yanno, just for fun and to make it my own kinda thing :) Hope you guys enjoy the vid and a lot of stuff comin' next month, hopefully something new from the Chili Peppers' new album :D YAY!!! Oh and also, if any one of you actually read my description up to this point, what do you guys think of the new Chili Peppers songs so far?!?! Would love to hear people's opinions on them. I personally love 'em so far and I'm totally excited about hearing more. Absolutely love Flea's bassline on 'The Getaway' and Josh's work on 'Dark Necessities'. Anyways, rock on guys, stay classy!! (haha) ;) #U2 #NewYork #BassCover #Tabs #Tutorial #daniB5000 #Bono #AdamClayton #LarryMullenJr #TheEdge

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