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Red Hot Chili Peppers She's Only 18...

Dani Balogh

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Hey, what's up guys?!?!? Here's a brand new RHCP cover from Stadium Arcadium. Hope you guys enjoy the cover. This is a very fun and energetic song to play along to. So, what did you guys all think of The Getaway?? There are definitely some great songs on the record,,,,but overall I think the album's a little mellow and a little too popp-ish at times,,,,,I personally like I'm With You better but it's still solid with a lot of great songs. My personal favorite has gotta be Dreams of A Samurai. Love the whole arrangement of the song and Flea's bassline. I'd also love to cover a few songs from the album so I am open to any suggestions,,,,,but I cannot promise a cover with slapping. Flea's slapping is pretty intense on the album and I don't think I can get anywhere near it with my current abilities. Hope to hear from you guys and hope you enjoy the video!!! Rock on!!! #RHCP #TheGetaway #StadiumArcadium #daniB5000

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