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Rush Losing It Bass Cover daniB5000

Dani Balogh

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Hey hey guys!! Here's my first EVER Rush Bass cover!! Rush are one of my favorite bands ever. I was actually surprised that no one else has covered this track. It's a beautiful song. The entire album 'Signals' is one of my favorites. The different textures on the song give it such an intense atmosphere. Now, I know hardcore Rush fans will probably dislike this video because 1; I am not using my Jazz Bass which Geddy Lee uses almost 90% of the time. 2; I am using both my fingers whereas Geddy would be using one finger and finally 3; that I am not singing, playing the bass and playing the synthesisers at the same time. Well, I'm sorry guys but I've got good reasons for all that I've stated please don't leave a dislike for any of those reasons haha ;) The bassline in general is sort of simple, definitely not one of Geddy Lee's insane basslines but, having said that, the odd time signature of the song (5/4 if I'm correct), make it tough and challenging. It certainly helped me understand how different time signatures work and change within a song. Anyway guys I hope you all enjoy the video and as always....leave your comments below!! Would love to hear your opinions!! :) Rock on!!!

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